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Dear friends!

Polish Theatre Society (PTS) helps the amateur theatre society in Poland to establish a working network, to build up relationships and to create opportunities for further co-operation in and beyond Poland. PTS connects active people from different kinds of public and private organisations in the field of theatre: kindergarten, schools, universities, cultural houses, theatres, associations, foundations and non-formal groups.

Polish Theatre Society is a part of:
  • AITA/IATA asbl - International Amateur Theatre Association;
  • EDERED - European Drama Encounters;
  • CEC - Central European Committee
Polish Theatre Society is a foundation, which can help you to:
  • find a partner organization in Poland;
  • find a polish theatre group for your international festival or exchange;
  • find a workshop leader from Poland;
  • give you the opportunity to participate in a cultural European Volunteer Service programme in Poland;
  • give you the opportunity to participate in a theatre festival in Poland;
  • find for your theatre group opportunities to perform;
  • and more... .
If you think we can help you, just contact us via Travel and become even more happy!

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